Care & Maintenance



We’ve put together some basic tips for caring and using your board. There’s more detailed information on our F.A.Q. and Board Care, but here’s the basic info that all board owners should know. Wash with warm soapy water, best to dry in the rack, not behind the taps (too much water). Do not soak in water or put in dishwasher.

Depending on use, re-oil your board every month or whenever it looks dull. This is totally Food Safe and can be applied directly to a dry board with paper towel, cloth or unused T-shirt.




  • The best way to clean your board is with a clean, damp kitchen cloth or sponge.
  • You can also clean the boards with kitchen sanitiser/surface wipes.
  • Correct sanitation and cleaning will reduce the chances of bacteria and cross contamination.
  • There should be no need for the use of two chopping boards; cut raw fruit and vegetables first, then raw meats. Clean thoroughly and sanitize accordingly.
  • Don’t leave that piping hot lasagne on your board to cool! It is a sudden shock to the timber and will damage your board.
  • If you’re cutting food with a high moisture content, make sure you wipe up the liquid as soon as practical.
  • Use sharp knives! Blunt knives will score your board.
  • Serrated knives (such as a bread knife) will score the surface of the board.
  • Using a cleaver to hack at ingredients will most likely damage your board. Our Chopping boards are designed for slicing and dicing, to protect your knives and to give a sanitary surface to cut on, they are not designed to absorb high impact chopping or carving.
  • If your board looks like it might be moving or has a wobble; stand your board on edge overnight